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Hi, I’m Cristian Rovere. This is my story

How I Became a Master Hair Stylist

I lost my mom when I was 6, yet I was blessed to have my two grandmothers help my dad raise my brother and me. When I was 11, grandma Nonna Gordi asked me to color her hair. At once, she saw I had a knack for making hair beautiful, so she pushed me to learn and practice more. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with making women look and feel amazing.

It’s just right to say I owe my career to my Nonna Gordi. She was not just my guinea pig but my biggest fan, always encouraging me to make my talent my living.

Never wanting to settle, I’d always challenge myself to learn the most innovative and trendiest coiffeur techniques. In time, I became the head stylist at Bariloche’s Llao Llao Hotel, one of the world’s top hotels.

More than anything, I cared a great deal about giving my clients the best experience. I wanted each client to feel their most beautiful after a session with me.

After arriving in Miami in 2008, I seized the chance to work with my new city’s most well known hairstylists.  My passion earned me quite a loyal following of beautiful clients. One that I entirely appreciate and love.

Some say, I’m a natural in making you feel special from the moment you walk inside my hair salon.

They say, I know how to style your hair in a way that brings forth your best and unique kind of beautiful.

I say —C’mon over to my hair salon. See for yourself if what they say is really true.

Till then stay beautiful,

Cristian Rovere

A dream comes true

In September 2020, my dream to have my own hair salon in Miami came true. “Cristian Rovere Hair Salon & Spa” became a super hit the moment it opened its doors. And it has continued to blossom thanks to my beautiful clientele.


Our Beautiful Clients Are Speaking

Just come into our salon. We can’t wait to hear if you agree, too.

Gisela, Google Reviews

Cristian is the best of the best!

He is passionate about what he does, he will listen to you, he is professional, punctual, always has a smile in his face. I have known him for more than ten years, he is the best. Everyone in the salon is welcoming, friendly and professional.

After going to his salon, you will not go anywhere else! He is amazing.

Vilma, Google Reviews

Cristian and his staff are all very professional and make every client feel special.

Cristian’s coloring is amazing… as well as cut and styling.

I’ve never been so happy with my hair color and how healthy it is.


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Cristian Rovere Hair Stylist

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